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DebitMyData Custom Logo and Facial Recognition
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DebitMyData offers a unique platform that empowers NFT owners to monetize their existing NFTs or create new ones. By incorporating custom logos generated by the end user or utilizing the end user's facial recognition, our platform brings about a revolution in cybersecurity, providing secure and reliable identification for NFT owners.

Moreover, users can directly upload a variety of content formats, including TikTok or YouTube short videos, images, audio, or text, onto their NFTs.

 Users create NFTs with custom logos and facial recognition

Embed NFTs with video, audio, image, or text

 Advertisers purchase ad space on NFTs

Advertisers purchase ad space on NFTs

then Distribute them as ads to mobile carriers, social media, IoT, and more

INSTANTLY NFT owner earn income from their data-Receive up to 5% of ad spend


Okay! One More Time. How Do You Get Paid For Your Data?

Corporations or other end-users buy ad space on your NFT to place their logos on the center of your NFT.

Then pay for the distribution of your NFT to social media, mobile phone carriers, smart TV, IoT networks or other communication networks.

Instantly, when they pay, you get paid up to 5% of the media buy delivered to your designated bank account of your choice. You decide! Credit card, X payment account, CashApp or PayPal.

A video, image, text or audio. Embed your X or your Youtube or your TikTok videos or your music or your article or your picture or your graphics. Next, your facial recognition or a custom logo you designed. 

DebitMyData Facial Recognition AI Wallet Chippy

DebitMyData Custom Logo and Facial Recog

DebitMyData is AI Training AI to Value the Human Energy-Getting Paid for Your Data

is Your Insurance-Your Social Security Against AI Taking Over Jobs and Your Option Against the Universal Basic Income (UBI).


DebitMyData Custom Logo and Facial Recognition is Your Cybersecurity Solution Against Deep Fakes, Identity Fraud and Protection in the New World of Quantum Computing!!!


A New Kind of Debit Bank Card, Charge Card, or Gift Card

The DebitMyData Custom Logo and Facial Recognition NFT system is a

cybersecurity solution combating deep fakes and impersonation schemes.

It integrates AI facial recognition NFT buttons embedded with GPT and communications, offering a new kind of debit bank card, charge card, or gift card, while also serving as an ad server NFT marketplace and social commerce platform for NFT monetization, alongside a mobile and smart TV media buy marketplace.

Corporate Brands are Never Intrusive

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